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This past weekend, I flew over to NYC to visit UNICEF's headquarters. I'm one of the six High School National Council members this year *yippee*, so I had a mandatory training session to attend. As I've been to Manhattan before, there was no need for sightseeing (I didn't really have time to anyways). Instead, I was able to spend my free time with friends and explore the city's endless number of streets. I returned home Sunday night, and I am completely worn out. I'm so tired. So. Tired. So. So. So. Tired. My eyes keep closing during class and while I'm trying to concentrate on homework. The jet lag from Korea is still lingering; plus, traveling while I have school work stacking higher and higher is a bit of a stressful predicament.

Sigh. At least, being a busy bee strays my mind away from irritating thoughts. Well, just thinking in general. I think I think too much.

New York City, I love you.

I tried my first Shake Shack burger (yes... I'm ashamed to admit that I like it better than In-N-Out), learned of many exciting ideas at the UNICEF workshops, and realized that my longing to move to the East Coast for college is stronger than ever.

Which reminds me—what am I doing here?! There are piles of work to complete!


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  1. I absolutely love new york city ♥ so jealous you got to visit again!
    mortem blonde

  2. Gorgeous photos! I'm so jealous you got to visit NYC, but glad you had a great time! And good luck on your senior year :)

    1. Thanks girl! Good luck at Fullerton! xx

  3. These photos are making me miss New York.
    They are beautiful photos!
    Looks like you had so much fun :)


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