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Let's do a replay of how I spent my first month of my last high school summer vacation. I'm proud to announce that I was quite productive for the most part. I do regret staying up some nights watching movies and TV shows, but... come on, when will I get the chance to again? Fun fact: I'm a sucker for Korean movies and dramas. Yes, I am blatantly admitting it to the entire world. I just can't resist the eye candy though! I'm not the only one, right?

My cousins and I ate delicious brunch while overlooking the gorgeous Laguna Beach. My enormous plate consisted of Eggs Benedict, a personalized omelet (mushrooms, tomatoes, cheese, ham, cilantro, bell peppers), Italian sausages, and bacon. I am currently typing this up at two in the morning and my stomach is groaning. Loudly.

I cut my hair! I've been growing my hair nonstop for about a year and a half, and to be honest, I've gotten tired of it. I kept it long for my senior pictures, then chopped it all off immediately after. I expected myself to cry miserably for a day or two, but guess what? I love it! I did try to ombré at home using a blonde dye. As you can see, however, that attempt sort of failed. The number one reason why I decided to cut my lengthy mane was shampoo. Yes, shampoo. I've been using too much shampoo and I feel guilty. Legitimate reason, is it not?

I started reading listening to Kafka on the Shore by Haruki Murakami. Out of this world. Mind-blowing. It's been ages since I've read a book solely for pleasure. I'm finally stocking up on books that have been waiting on my list of "Novels to Read" so that I can indulge on plane rides. Many of my friends recommended Murakami, so I'm giving his books a shot. I've also gotten some of John Green's after all of the hype recently, and a couple classics I need to catch up on. I'm excited!

On a hilltop with my new friend Teresa, gazing at the entire San Fernando Valley. We had a nice chitchat over really good boba (or bubble tea, as the East apparently calls it).

I spent a day at my favorite, Carpinteria State Beach. Warm sand and cool waters, beach sunsets and salty breezes... how I've missed you.

Segerstorm Center for the Arts in Orange County, California. My little cousin Claire performed with a humongous orchestra in this magnificent concert hall. You go girl! We also ate together at Kang Hodong Baekjeong, a Korean BBQ restaurant. Our server's name was Little Hodong. *haha* Did I finish that scrumptious egg all by myself? Maybe. On the other hand, you can never miss out on a good ol' bowl of Korean shaved ice for dessert. Deviating from Korean foods, I also stopped by Pieology for the first time. Pretty tasty!

On the left is a picture of me that my friend drew in chalk. Accurate, don't you think? On the right is a doodle on an empty tote bag. Toodle-loo!


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  1. I love beaches like this, it seems so calming and I just realized how incredibly much I miss being by the sea. Gorgeous pictures!
    Miglė x | Meet Me On The Balcony

    1. Sitting by the beach is so therapeutic. Thanks girl ~

  2. These photos are sooooo beautiful! & woohooo Kafka on the Shore!! x

  3. Heey I've bought the book Kafka on a Shore recently as well :P
    Can't wait to show you my book haul!
    And great pictures as usual, that egg benedict looks hella good!

  4. Beautiful pictures Chaereen! Hahah and those rocks look familiar hahah!


  5. I love your hair cut, looks great! :) Nice pictures!

    /Love http://touristsonearth.blogspot.fi/

  6. your diy ombre turned out great imo! i love the feeling of cutting off long hair. your hair looks great :)


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