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Hey guys! I'm sitting in my dorm room in Tongyeong, South Korea at the moment, and the winds outside are insane. So much has happened in a matter of days that I have no idea where to start. Besides the sticky weather and lack of trash cans (honestly, why are there no trash cans here), Korea is marvelous. I'm actually not that homesick, but the past few days have been extremely stressful and tiring. Meeting (and living with) new people, teaching students who are nearly the same age as me, dealing with culture clashes... I've been overwhelmed.

Thankfully, I've got a short break right now (currently, it's a Friday night). My program members are hanging out together in other rooms, but I decided to stay alone for a bit to catch up on whatever's been going on back home and in the blogosphere. I also have to finish a speech for a Skype presentation on Monday morning for UNICEF, an organization that I am an active volunteer in. The monster is in plain sight, isn't it? Here's a summary of my first two weeks in Korea.

I flew in a Boeing 747, which is the largest one out there for carrying travelers (my father's an airplane geek). Two floors! Fortunately, I obtained a window seat. Unfortunately, the old man next to me was drunk during the entire flight.

I'm telling you, Korea is so cute. Just cute. I mean, even the water bottles are drop dead adorable.

The breathtaking view atop Namsan Tower. Seoul, you are beautiful.

I noticed that a lot of shops in Korea have something called 'ade'. It's a sweet, fizzy, lemonade-esque drink. I discovered a grapefruit one; heaven in my mouth.

I've always wanted to visit a cat café, and I finally accomplished my goal! I also learned that I have horrible allergies to cats once I started sneezing nonstop twenty minutes after entering the café. Another goal that I crossed off the list was to take a picture with a palace guard. Yay!

In memory of the sinking of Sewol.

Hongdae is one of my favorite districts in Seoul. Indie musicians perform on the streets like this talented guitarist.

My favorite place in all of Seoul: Banpo Park, next to the Han River. Every night, at eight and nine o'clock, water shoots out from the sides of this bridge along with colorful lights and music. I've visited Korea once before, and since then I've been wanting to see these lights again so badly.

My first week of teaching in Tongyeong has come to an end. I love my teaching partners! Grateful that we work well together. We're in charge of a class of sixteen high school students (twelve boys and four girls, yow) who are beginners in English. Awkwardness filled the room the first few days, but the students have been slowly opening up and I can't wait to get closer to every single one of them. I've also realized that I really love teaching.

Guess what? A thirteen-year-old in another class has a crush on me! *squeals* My partners and I have a quirky nickname for him, and he even wrote about me in his journal.

"I think my dream girl is my class teacher and Chaereen Teacher, but first Chaereen Teacher because she is pretty and cute and beautiful and second teacher is Eunice because too pretty and laugh very cute?? Hehe. So I love (like) Chaereen and Eunice. I want a dream girl is Chaereen, Eunice."

So. Fuh-reaking. Adorable. Times a hundred. A bajillion.

The view from my dorm in Tongyeong. Stunning.

*catches breath* Woo, that was a lot. I've still got two more weeks, and they're probably going to be even crazier. I'm jumping up and down with excitement, but I'm a tired wreck, too. On the other hand, I think I spent the most money on food (not ashamed). Thank the nature gods that I haven't gotten a single mosquito bite yet, nor a severe stomachache from the change in drinking water (I can eat ice cream every day with no problems, how amazing is that). I also ended up getting second piercings on both ears back in Seoul, shh!

An adventurous trip it has been so far...


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  1. Glad you are doing well in Korea c: and that
    drink bottle is adorable indeed! I really want
    to visit that cat café someday! Xx

    1. You seriously have to! The cats are so cute <3

  2. sounds like such a cool trip and experience! following (:
    mortem blonde

    1. also the pictures are really pretty and I'm sorry you are allergic to cats, they are so cute

    2. Thanks for the follow! Yes, I'm quite unhappy about it :-(

  3. I've always wanted to visit korea, it must be a really nice place!
    Have a nice trip in korea, chaereen! xx

    1. Hopefully you can visit someday! Thanks Cinthy xx

  4. Amazing photographs! I really want to visit Asia and especially Korea!
    I also nominated you for the Liebster award here . You can do that if you want to :D!


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