5:50 PM

After sleeping for merely an hour the night before (or should I say morning of), I was in dire need of a caffeine boost. Two of my friends and I walked down to Starbucks during our open period to grab ourselves some drinks.

I love, love anything green tea.

It's supposed to rain cats and dogs tomorrow, so that's something to look forward to. I put my hair into a bun for the first time in a while, and someone told me that it looked like poop on my head. Thanks man, thanks.

School has been trying to smother me (*ahem* evil teachers and pop quizzes and craploads of busy work), but I'm doing my best to keep a smile on my face. In fact, I'm excited! I'm trying to match two of my close senior friends together for prom. Hopefully, it'll work out. Fingers-crossed!

Update #1:
(because I'm too lazy to make a new post, as usual)
Today's the 28th, and gosh, it's pouring hard. I think I wore five layers. Our area hasn't had this much rain in what feels like years. I've been sitting next to the window for the past hour or so, staring at the sky. My friends and I headed off-campus for lunch and were beginning to drive back when the car literally stopped in the middle of the parking lot, with ten minutes left of lunchtime. *insert panic attack* Thankfully, we bumped into a group of girls who were going back to class as well and they gave us a ride. Grateful for awesome people!

Update #2:
March 2nd, 12:53 AM.
People say that rain means pho. Eh, it's alright.

Sleep is my ultimate stress-reliever.
I came home at two in the afternoon, and slept straight up until midnight. Not to mention the fact that I slept nine hours the night before. I should get an award for this.
But now... I'm hungry.


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  1. School is seriously so stressful, you're not alone! Hahah trust me you're not ahead of yourself, senior year is going by so fast for me! Enjoy it while you can :)

    1. Haha I can't wait for senior year! And cheering for you, just a couple of months left until you graduate xx


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