9:39 PM

A wallflower is a person who is socially awkward due to shyness.
Or... you can take the word literally, as I did. Haha.

It's already the first day back in school after a winter vacation that was way too short. I have a lot going on tomorrow that I need to prepare for, but my mind is wandering. Like usual.

I chose to be daring and wore a burgundy maxi skirt with a slit (oh so scandalous)—also threw on a simple cardigan and slipped into a pair of black combat boots. But guess what? The winds had complete minds of their own today!

I don't know what the universe is up to, but it just had to decide to put that person next to me in two whole classes. I mean, physically. Right. Next. To. Me.

Please wish this wallflower some luck.


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  1. Hellooo, just thought I'd pop over here to have a peek at your blog, and I fell in love with the design from the first glance! Your fashion and photography is stunning, too. The envy! Xx

    1. Thanks Emma! <3
      Hope we can stay in contact closely xx

  2. Wow! Awesome outfit! I totally love it!


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