5:42 PM

My favorite drink of the cold season.
Starbucks' Christmas decorations are in full swing, and so are my newly painted nails. Yet, it doesn't feel like Christmas to me. The holiday spirit hasn't hit me yet—I wish it would soon.

This is my adorkable best friend, Kristina. I haven't taken photos with every single one of my friends yet, but either way... I love you all. So very much.

Southern California is not getting any colder. We're only three days away from Christmas, and the sun is still shining as brightly as ever. I guess it isn't a surprise. I can't wait to go off to a college on the East Coast. I'm dying to experience living in a completely different environment, no matter how much I'm going to suffer during my first real winter.


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    1. You are so pretty Chaereen! Loving the outfit as well :) Happy Holidays!


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