5:57 PM

A new beginning.

I think it's time for a fresh start. This is a compilation of photos that I snapped throughout my summer vacation. I honestly can't believe that break is (almost) over; I'm already going back to school on the fifteenth. The last day of sophomore year feels like yesterday. Time really flies. I guess it seems awkward for a young teenager to be saying this... but it truly does. Reminiscing past memories, remembering past relationships (friends, of course)... wow. So much has happened. I met so many incredible people during summer break and my sophomore year of high school. I had a wonderful sweet sixteen. I've forgotten and forgiven. Despite the many ups and downs... I believe I have matured, and have become better at coping. I hope—no, I know—that junior year will be amazing. Future months, please be good to me.

Did you know that hard work really pays off?

Don't ever give up. I guess this is a note to my future self. Future Chaereen! Keep your head held high.

Good luck.


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